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Captain Mark has amassed knowledge in the transportation industry since 1974. Most recently he and his wife sold their start up limousine business, serving all of SE Pennsylvania after 18 years. After a number of years in power yachting and recognizing the need for increased training and instruction, Captain Mark began training in an organized and receptive manner, and providing other marine services. “ A person can purchase a small vessel for several thousand dollars on up to spending millions of dollars on a larger vessel classified a yacht, and not receive nor have and knowledge of how to safely provision, maintain, and operate that vessel” Captain Mark states. Some of the services, which Captain Mark provides, are bare bones basic provisioning and setting up their vessel to insure it meets or exceeds all legal requirements, along with boat maintenance and a complete walk through. From there, an individual or family can receive consulting and instruction of how to safely operate and handle their vessel. In addition, Captain Mark will hire out to handle owners’ vessels as they entertain guests or clients, along with making movements or relocations.
Relief or continuance of journey Captaining services along with purser duties while serving is available. With locations in Maryland and Pennsylvania, Captain Mark is able to respond to any point and states “no location is too far away to provide service”.  For further consideration, Captain Mark and staff are mechanically and electrically competent with diagnostic insight and knowledge, and with their life’s history are able to identify and resolve many issues that may present themselves while under hire. Please review below additional items, which may be of importance to you. Further requests are always considered on an as come, when needed basis.

The Captains Resume

  • U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain 100 Ton, Near Coastal
  • Radar Observer Unlimited / Towing
  • STCW-95 / TWIC / FCC radio license
  • An affable Non-smoker, excellent health
  • Substance abuse screened
  • PA concealed firearm license
  • PA licensed mechanic
  • CPR/AED/First Aid certified
  • Zero accident loss run record (land and sea)
  • Years of exposure and service to many high profile, celebrity, and particular clients
  • USA passport holder
  • Ability to observe, learn and eagerly take on new, exciting duties and tasks
  • References available


Southern Delite 61 Viking

I recently had the pleasure of working with Captain Mark; I hired him to captain my vessel I purchased in Michigan on Lake Huron to Montauk NY. Right from my first telephone call to schedule the trip to the final day arriving in Montauk, NY I was impressed with his skills and knowledge of all aspects of boating.

During the voyage, I was informed every day of progress and condition of the vessel. My wife and I joined the Captain on the last three days of the trip, during that time Captain Mark was my teacher on the condition of the vessel and instructed me on the instruments and navigation equipment. This gave me the remaining confidence I needed. His knowledge and professionalism in every manner was impressive.

We would recommend Captain Mark in all aspects of services in moving or training on any vessel. Please email me at to hear more about my excellent experience with Captain Mark.

Rudy & Pat Gibiser
Southern Delite

The Good Life

We purchased our first boat, a 52’ Carver Voyager, online from a seller in Biloxi, Mississippi. Having never piloted a boat before, our dealer/broker recommended Captain Mark Chest to transport the boat from Biloxi to Northeast, Maryland on the Chesapeake. We called Captain Mark for a phone interview, and within a few minutes of speaking with him, we felt confident that he was the person to move our boat. Captain Mark continued to convey to his credentials, and we interrupted him to tell him that we already made up our mind to use him for our move. Sometimes you just get that gut feeling, and you go with it.

At Captain Mark’s suggestion, we provided him with a credit card with his name on it to use for purchasing fuel, marina expenses, and other travel expenses. This proved to be an excellent suggestion as there was not one glitch or phone call from the credit card company during the 14-day trip up north. The trip did not go as smooth as planned because the boat decided it wanted a new heat exchanger two days into the trip. We were very pleased with the way Captain Mark handled the repair by finding a certified technician and keeping us informed throughout the repair process.

Captain Mark also checked in with us every evening to give us a summary of the day’s activities, fuel consumed, distance he covered, and the following day’s anticipated destination. Upon completion of the trip home, Captain Mark provided us with a detailed, itemized summary of the trip’s expenses, and we were simply amazed that the trip’s cost of approximately $20,000 was only a few hundred dollars off of Captain Mark’s original estimate he provided us excluding the repair, of course.

We met up with Captain Mark the following weekend at the marina in Northeast, Maryland, and he went over the entire boat with us and showed us all the items he noted that required attention. In addition to relocating vessels, Captain Mark is also a certified instructor, and we are presently using his services to be trained in the proper handling of our boat and learning the various systems. He is also an excellent instructor, and he has the patience of a saint especially teaching new boaters with no experience. We have learned everything from tying knots, boat maintenance and systems, proper radio use to doing an actual man overboard drill for safety.

We are fortunate to be able to learn some of the skills and knowledge that he has obtained from his years of piloting various vessels and tips he has learned during his career on the water. These are things you would never learn in a textbook. We would highly recommend Captain Mark Chest for any of the services he provides including transport, training, and private charters. Give him a call and talk to him, and you will not regret hiring Captain Mark.

Bill & Mishele Shery
The Good Life

Eastern Star Cruises

I hired Capt. Mark last year for a round trip aboard the "Eastern Star Cruiser", an 85' motor vessel. I asked Mark to be at the dock at 0500 in New York City to deliver the boat for a charter in Annapolis, MD. Capt. Mark was waiting for me when I arrived. He had already checked out the boat and was anxious to check the engine room. I found him to be knowledgeable, capable and highly personable. I felt complete confidence in his skills as a Captain. We transited from NY along the Atlantic Coast to Chesapeake and Delaware canal to Annapolis. I would hire him again in an instant, despite the odd hairdo.

Capt. Nick Kutscera

Melissa Ann Motor Yacht

Melissa and I would like to thank you for the time you spent with us in reviewing the numerous details and mechanics relative to our 47' Carver Aftcabin. As you know, we were quite apprehensive when purchasing this size vessel. Your attention to detail in explaining the various electronics, as well as the numerous particulars that the boat had to offer, made us feel very comfortable in piloting our new boat. The various documents, boating literature and needed safety articles over and above the normal needs gave both of us an added feeling of security. I guess what stands out most of all, is the confidence-building process that you go through when explaining each detail that constitutes a good captain. Part of what we are most impressed with is, that it is an ongoing learning process and your patience and understanding makes it all worthwhile. The numerous phone calls to you when we were alone and piloting our boat, never seemed to be an annoyance. In fact, you were extremely patient in explaining any question that arose at the time. After our maiden voyage with you, we felt very confident because of your instruction in anticipating the boat's reactions and what to do in maneuvering through different situations. The docking procedures alone were well worth the time and effort spent. With out your guidance and help, we know that we would not have been as meticulous and careful during our beginning trips on the high seas. The importance of safety and equipment is always paramount to you and consequently transcended to our everyday operation of our boat. As we mentioned, when we were stopped by the Coast Guard for a safety check, they were very impressed with the order and organization of our documents and safety equipment. It made our job very easy when we proudly illustrated our in depth knowledge of what is needed to maintain a safe vessel. This wealth of information really came to light during our voyage with you down and back the ICW. Numerous examples of your teaching procedures were fully utilized during that trip. I feel very confident knowing that this year's trip will be absolutely enjoyable. We would not be making these trips if it had not been for your working with us initially. However, if for some reason we could not make this trip, we would feel extremely comfortable in asking you to pilot our boat to our destination. Your comprehensive knowledge as a captain and concern for the safety of the vessel, gives us great comfort in knowing our boat would be safe. Our deepest thanks and gratitude go out to you. We truly hope that more people will take the time to hire you so that they can benefit from the comprehensive and detailed program that you teach. We would strongly recommend you to anyone wanting to have the right knowledge when piloting a vessel or needing a captain.

Thanks again for your ongoing help!

Ralph & Melissa Panebianco

Paul & Connie Murgo

We hired Capt. Mark Chest to teach us boat handling on our, "new to us" Great Harbour 37 in 2004. This is a 37', twin screw full displacement trawler that is best handled in a specific manner.

Over the space of 4 nights and days, from Anchorage Marina in Baltimore,MD to the Alligator River Marina,Columbia, NC Mark taught us patiently and thoroughly. Beyond the knowledge he shared during the course of the day,during and after dinner he would repeat the day's lessons and reinforce skills and the knowledge base . Time at the helm, preparing for the day's travel and reviewing navigational rules were all performed jointly. All decisions were made after discussion that fully included my wife and I.

Beyond that and most importantly, Capt. Mark imparted the boost of confidence that we needed at that time.

Since that time, (2004) and least partly due to his instruction we have made 5 enjoyable roundtrips, (>12,000 miles) and running over 2,600 hours between S. Florida, the Bahamas and Narragansett Bay, RI. We are still using the lessons and skills we learned during those four days.

I would not hesitate to recommend him for anyone needing a highly skilled, competent and caring professional whether to simply deliver a vessel or to provide training to owners who want to increase their comfort and confidence level.


Paul & Connie Murgo
m/v The Rose, GH37